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Let's Connect and Grow in Christ Together


Life is better TOGETHER! You can experience the joy of being known, loved and cared for by joining a Unity D-Group, where you will study the Word, spend time in community and serve others.

D-Groups are designed for us to get close and personal with one another and the Lord. Our D-Groups are purposefully set up for 2-4 men to meet with men and 2-4 women to meet with women. These groups meet during the week and are led by trained facilitators.

A disciple is a person who lives and loves like Jesus and helps others to do the same. These groups aim to love God, grow together, serve others and share the hope they have in Christ.

All of our discipleship groups on lean toward these three aspects:

Love God: The greatest pursuit in our life is to love God (Matt.22:37). In our groups we grow in our love for God through the study of His word.

Grow Together: You and I were created for community. You will never be all you can be apart from a group of people walking through life with you. Unity Community groups create an environment for this to happen.

Serve Others: God has designed you to serve others. You have gifts, abilities and experiences that God wants to use to bless others. Whether serving at the church, a mission or a neighborhood, our groups give you a way to serve others.

Go Share: As followers of Jesus we have the greatest hope in the world - Jesus. We believe this hope is meant to be shared with our neighbors and the world so our groups look to share this hope together.

If you are looking to deepen your relationship with Christ and this body of believers, fill out the form and we will be able to assist you!

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