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UBC Virtual Golf scramble 

@Diamond Links

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Brought to you by the Missions Committee

Gameplay rules

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Teams will Check in at Dimond Links.  Make sure your Team is checked off the UBC Scramble List and pick up a Team packet. (1 Packet per Team) 

  • All rounds must be played between August 18th and September 29th

  • Appropriate tees are as follows:​​

    • RED tees - All woman, any age

    • WHITE tees - Men up to 65 years old

    • GOLD tees - Men who are 65 or older

  • Only 1 gimmick (String, Mulligan, or Toss) may be used per hole.

    • Each team has 2 Mulligans, 2 Tosses, and 2 Strings (String is in the team packet)​

    • No combining gimmicks on any hole. This means you use gimmicks over 6 different holes. A gimmick can only be used 1 time.

  • Best Ball format (players choose between the 2 shots)

  • PGA and Course Rules apply to all other than the above.

  • Scores are on the honor system

  • Scorecard must be turned in at the Clubhouse Desk, dated/signed by 1 team member. 

Any individual may enter as many times as he/she wants by submitting the proper registration and fees. You may play with the same teammate or mix it up with different teammates. 

XTRA Gameplay gimmicks

Golf Shot

pro shot

(150 yard drop)

To grab a pro shot/150 yard drop, simply click the donate button below!


Fred Boggs' hole




To grab a hole in one shot on #3, simply click the donate button below.

Golf Ball Basket

 Extra Mulligans

 To get some more mulligans,  simply click on the donate  button! 

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