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Sunday, January 25, 2015
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Penne Paris Memorial Mission Fund

        Dr. Floyd & Penne Paris

Penne Paris Memorial Mission Fund

     Penne Paris was a wonderful Christian lady with a heart and love for the Lord Jesus and people. She spent her life loving, listening, and encouraging other people. She tried to ease the suffering of anyone and everyone she met. She was a model Pastor’s wife for over 26 years, always willing to do whatever needed to be done. She had the Spiritual gifts of Mercy and Service. Every church she attended benefitted from her gracious gentle spirit.
     Penne loved Missions. She went to Uganda Africa on a mission trip and felt a burden for the people there. She worked with children in the churches and in the Children’s Clinic. She wanted to see the world come to know the Lord and to help those in need. The Penne Paris Memorial Missions Fund was established for the purpose of continuing to reach people for Christ and ministering to those in need. All of the funds will go to meet the needs on the mission field in Africa.
Article by Dr. Floyd Paris
If you would like to make a donation to the Penne Paris Memorial Mission Fund, click the donate button below.